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Super Mario Run: How to Get Toads for Rebuilding Your Kingdom


Super Mario Run: How to Get Toads for Rebuilding Your Kingdom

Toads – Super Mario Run

With Nintendo’s biggest mascot finally making his way to mobile devices with Super Mario Run, there are a fair number of new mechanics for this title. One of them has to do with adorable Toads that make up the general populace of the Mushroom Kingdom.

At the beginning of the game, Bowser manages to not only scare the Toads away but destroy most of the kingdom in the process. In order to restore your community to what it once was, players will need to participate in Toad Rallies to earn back the lost helpers. However, the catch is that players will need to actually win the match against their opponent for them to keep all of the new citizens. This is done by outperforming your opponent in both coin collection and style. There is no other way currently to get Toads, so you will need to make sure you use your Rally Tickets effectively.

There are a number of different colored Toads, each of which help unlock special items in the Kingdom Builder section of the application. What color Toads will depend on the Rally you participate in and how many you earn during that run. One important thing to note is that if you lose, then some of your existing citizens will leave, so always try to maximize your effectiveness when playing. With some patience and practice, you will have a parade of Super Mario Run Toads in no time.

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