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Super Mario Run: How to Get Purple Toads


Super Mario Run: How to Get Purple Toads

Increase your toad collection.

How to Get Purple Toads – Super Mario Run

Purple Toads are a form of resource you can collect in the Toad Rally mode of Super Mario Run. However, while you can easily earn Red Toads by playing the mode when you first boot up the game, the different colored ones are a little trickier to get.

For the Purple Toads, the key is to beat World 2 of the game’s World Tour mode. Once you’ve done that, you’ll unlock new opponents in the Toad Rally mode, and you’ll be able to start collecting the Purple Toads by choosing the correct opponent. Do note that as your kingdom levels up with the number of Toads you collect, the opponents you face off against in Toad Rally mode will get progressively higher levels as well, and it will be harder to beat them.

Collecting the different colored Toads is essential in Super Mario Run as these act as a form of currency that you can spend to buy new buildings and items. Collecting Toads will also help with increasing the level of your kingdom, expanding the number of things you can do in the game.

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