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Super Mario Run: How to Get Green Toads


Super Mario Run: How to Get Green Toads

How to Get Green Toads – Super Mario Run

Green Toads are but one of Super Mario Run’s many Toad currencies. These colored friends are accrued through the Toad Rally mode, but won’t be available at the start of your game.

If you’re playing Super Mario Run’s free early levels, you will only be able to collect the basic Red Toads. If you want to unlock certain playable characters or items for your kingdom, though, you’ll need more colors than that. The only way to get Green Toads is to pay the full $9.99 cost for Super Mario Run. This will unlock both Blue and Green Toads as rewards in Toad Rally challenges.

Once you’ve bought the full game, collect yourself some Rally Tickets. You’ll have to spend one each time you wish to enter a Toad Rally race. From the Rally menu, select an opponent showing Green Toads in their challenge bar. You’ll then need to race against them, collecting more coins than them before time is up. Should you come out the winner, you’ll earn yourself the Green Toads you’ve been needing.

For more Toads, make sure to pull off some cool stunts during the race. Attacking enemies, bouncing off walls, twirling in the air, and other special moves will increase the number of Toads you win at the end.

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