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Super Mario Run: How to Get Blue Toads


Super Mario Run: How to Get Blue Toads

How to Get Blue Toads – Super Mario Run

Super Mario Run is your standard run and jump affair, but Nintendo’s newest mobile game also features a Kingdom Builder that uses Toads as currency. Bowser has destroyed much of the Kingdom, and you’ll get to choose new buildings and decorations as you rebuild it. To unlock these additions, you’ll need Toads (presumably for their manual labor). Some items, as well as certain unlockable characters, will require specifically colored Toads, like the Blue Toads.

If you’re playing Super Mario Run’s free trial beginning, you won’t be able to get any Blue Toads. These will only unlock once you pay the $9.99 cost for the full game. After that, both Blue and Green Toads will show up as rewards for Toad Rally matches.

If you have bought the full game, gather up some Rally Tickets, head to the Toad Rally, and beat competitors in races to win new colored Toads to your kingdom. Remember that the more cool moves you pull off during the race — like special attacks and jumps — the more Toads will cheer and join you should you win. If you fail to collect the most coins and win the race, though, you could lose your own Toads.

Now that you know how to get Blue Toads, be sure to check back with Twinfinite for more Super Mario Run tips, tricks, and guides.

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