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Super Mario Run Gets New “Friendly Run” Game Mode

Super Mario Run

Super Mario Run Gets New “Friendly Run” Game Mode

As friendly as a daily cap.

Super Mario Run received a new game mode today that is a more casual variation of the Toad Rally game mode. Called Friendly Run, the mode offers players to race against their friends without requiring Toad Rally tickets to enter.

The new mode is similar to Toad Rally in that two players race against each other to collect the most coins and impress an audience of Toads, but no Toads will be awarded or lost at the end of the race. Friendly Run also places restrictions on how many runs can be done daily, with one per day if the player has not cleared World 1 and five per day if World 2 has been completed.

Earning Toads from Toad Rally runs are necessary to unlock cosmetic and bonus items for the game’s Kingdom Builder mode. New characters can be purchased with coins once certain amounts of colored Toads have been collected.

Friendly Run is the second piece of new content for Super Mario Run this week, when Nintendo added festive cosmetic items to decorate the Mushroom Kingdom earlier this week. Despite these small pieces of content, a Nintendo spokesperson said to The Wall Street Journal on Monday that “the company didn’t plan to release additional content, either free or paid.”


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