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Super Mario Run Clone Super Plumber Run Jumps onto Android Devices

super plumber run is a super mario run clone

Super Mario Run Clone Super Plumber Run Jumps onto Android Devices

You might want to just wait for the real thing, Droid users.

Yesterday Nintendo brought the video game’s most iconic character to iOS devices, marking Mario first appearance on mobile phones. Android users were left out in the cold, however, with the game not set to release on Droid until an unknown 2017 date.

But the opportunists over at Onduck Games aren’t letting that little fact stop interested Droid users from playing a runner-type game set in a mushroom-filled kingdom and starring a plumber. Onduck released Super Plumber Run, an unabashed Super Mario Run knockoff, onto the Google Play Store yesterday.

Looking to downplay its clear game design plagiarism, Onduck wrote in Super Plumber Run’s description that “This isn’t a Mario Run clone! The thematic if very similiar [sic], but it has a diferent [sic] premise. Also this game is free and works offline! Hehe.” The last bit is a cheeky reference to Nintendo’s requirement that players maintain an internet connection in order to play Super Mario Run.

Despite its alleged status as not being a clone, Super Plumber Run’s features sure make it sound like a Mario game, specifically Super Mario Run. For instance, you can grow larger by grabbing mushrooms, grow larger still by grabbing a second mushroom, grab the classic boot power-up, fly around on a Lakitu cloud knockoff, and jump on baddies to kill them all while running constantly.

Though its top current reviews are all negative, Super Plumber Run is maintaining a suprisingly decent three-star rating as of this writing. That being said, it has an equal number of five-star and one-star reviews.


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