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Super Mario Maker 3DS: How to Change Hands


Super Mario Maker 3DS: How to Change Hands

Changing Hands – Super Mario Maker 3DS

Super Mario Maker is back on 3DS, letting you take your creativity on the go. The ability to create levels that will make your friends cry is back in action, of course. The original Super Mario Maker on Wii U had a nifty feature that let you change the design of your hand while building. This allowed you to place stuff around a level with, say, a cute cat paw.

Unfortunately, Mario Maker on 3DS doesn’t feature any kind of option like this as of yet. The creation system has been scaled down just a tiny bit on the system, and this was one of the non-essential features that didn’t make it. You won’t be able to meow your way around, sadly!

Hopefully we might see Nintendo add some kind of feature in the future with an update, but the smaller screen of the 3DS would make it a little tough, of course.

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