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Subnautica: What Phantom Leviathan Is, Models, & Possible Release Plans


Subnautica: What Phantom Leviathan Is, Models, & Possible Release Plans

Subnautica: What Is the Phantom Leviathan?

The Phantom Leviathan is one of Subnautica’s greatest legends. Mostly because it may never exist.

We first met the myth in a piece of Lost River biome concept art, seen below (it’s the big, ghost snake). Subnautica forum user 04Leonhardt dubbed it the “Phantom Leviathan,” and it stuck pretty well. The community has been filled with speculation and desire for the ghostly beast ever since, everyone hoping each update will give further clues to its unconfirmed existence. It’s likely the most anticipated un-announced creature in Subnautica history.

Phantom Leviathan Subnautica

Phantom Leviathan Model

Hopes that Phantom Leviathan would actually be added to the game were possibly answered upon the release of some WIP assets. Developer Fox3D posted three models of the creature’s body and head onto Sketchfab, which you can check out here, here, and here.

Despite these models, however, the Phantom or Ghost Leviathan remains unconfirmed, and did not appear in the recent Dangerous Creatures update.

When Will Phantom Leviathan Be Added to the Game?

Great question. Assuming it is coming to the game, it’s possible Fox3D will add the Ghost Leviathan upon Subnautica’s full release, the date of which is still to be determined.


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