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Subnautica: How to Get Crashfish Powder & What It Does


Subnautica: How to Get Crashfish Powder & What It Does

How to Get Crashfish Powder – Subnautica

Crashfish Powder can be found in Crashfish Plants, but there’s a catch to actually collecting the material. If you get close to these plants, they will release a swift-swimming Crashfish. You should also know that this Crashfish explodes.

You can find Crashfish Plants most often in Safe Shallow and Kelp Forest caves, even in the ones in Subnautica’s starting areas. Slowly get close to a plant, then once the fish releases, swim away as quickly as possible. Wait for the explosion to go off behind you, and then return to the plant. Sometimes, you will be able to collect Crashfish Powder from it, though not always. The frequency is typically one in four or five, though some players seem to experience a bug that results in severely low Powder appearance.

You can also push these fish away and trigger their explosion with a Repulsion Cannon, though the running away tactic works out fairly well. Just make sure that the fish doesn’t explode near the plant and destroy it, as both the plant and the powder will be gone afterwards.

What Crashfish Powder Does – Subnautica

Crashfish Powder, a sulfur-based material, is used in crafting Fabricators, which are needed to make both the Repair Tool and Flares.


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