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5 Things to Do While Steam Is Down


5 Things to Do While Steam Is Down

Gotta pass the time somehow.

Hop on some Blizzard or GOG Games


Even though Steam is down, the fun doesn’t have to stop. Blizzard and GOG both have games that are definitely worth sinking your teeth into to pass the downtime. Have a game or 50 of Hearthstone, which is free to play, or hit up a free trial of World of Warcraft and grind to level 20 on a Monk.

If you’re not a Blizzard fan, or don’t have time to install one of their games, you can always rely on GOG for your DRM-free gaming goodness. Simply sit back, load up a GOG game, and get playing. No signing into an account, no need to constantly be online. Or, if you haven’t bought a game there yet, GOG has a pretty good sale on at the moment that you can check out here.

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