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5 PlayStation Games Sony Should Bring to Smartphones


5 PlayStation Games Sony Should Bring to Smartphones

Perfect mobile experiences.

Little Big Planet

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Little Big Planet hasn’t had a release in quite a while, with studio Media Molecule currently hard at work on its upcoming title, Dreams. However, its puzzle platforming gameplay, creation tools, and ability to download and share user-created content means you’ve got a consistent stream of content free for you to enjoy.

While the game is no slouch in the visual department, toning down some of the details in order to get it running smoothly on smartphones wouldn’t detract from the endearing charm of the game’s cast of characters. With only a small number of controls really needed to play the game, these could be mapped fairly well to the touch screen controls of your smartphone. And that’s just for playing through the levels included in the game.

Little Big Planet’s creation tools are what would make the game really shine on smartphones. Being able to create your own level and spend your commutes adding to it and fine tuning it over time would make for a perfect creative outlet outside of work hours. Of course, some people prefer to just enjoy the fruits of other people’s labor. Thousands of player-created levels downloadable for free? Count us in.

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