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Shenmue III PC Pre-Orders Now Open, Here are a Few New Screenshots


Shenmue III PC Pre-Orders Now Open, Here are a Few New Screenshots

A look at how development’s going.

Shenmue III has just entered full production, and it looks like pre-orders for the game are now open. According to the latest development update, the main scenario is nearing completion, and early voice work has begun.

‘R&D for various game elements is on course as the development team shifts its focus towards production. Main game scenarios are nearing completion, motion capture tests are well under way, and voicing tests with the cast have begun. Yu-san and the production staff are happy to say they are enjoying the work as they continue to diligently make progress on the mini-games, events, and battles.

“I have been completely absorbed in development Shenmue III recently, and often stay at the studio throughout the night to make it the best game possible. My life has become Shenmue both day and night, and I’m happy.”-Yu Suzuki’

We also get a look at a few new screenshots, which you can check out down below.

There’s no set date for Shenmue III just yet, but it has been slated for a 2017 release.

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