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Schick Hydro Let Loose a Live Razor Upon The Game Awards

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Schick Hydro Let Loose a Live Razor Upon The Game Awards

That was… out of the blue?

At tonight’s The Game Awards, Schick Hydro got a quick and rather random bit of product placement in the middle of the awards.

Appearing out of the crowd from nowhere, a giant Schick Hydro man… thing, appeared for a bit of promotion on the best shave for men. After a rather brief interview among other awards attendees, we then got a quick retro Street Fighter-esque commercial of a Shick Hydro blade against a traditional lube strip razor.

As you’d expect from a commercial, the Schick Hydro blade used its superior razor technology to put a quick end to the lube strip razor and wrapped up the battle.

Yes, it was just as bizarre and out of the blue as you’d expect.

Did you enjoy the Schick Hydro surprise appearance at The Game Awards 2016? Sound off down in the comments below.

A UK History graduate, Chris is a firm believer that Bioshock is the pinnacle of video game storytelling. He spends his days playing games, watching TV, or desperately attempting to improve his movie knowledge. You can follow him on Twitter @ChrisJecks, or email him at [email protected]

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