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Rooster Teeth Has a Bloody Good Time in Real Life Surgeon Simulator


Rooster Teeth Has a Bloody Good Time in Real Life Surgeon Simulator

Paging Doctor Gavin.

Have you ever wondered if performing a heart transplant was as easy as 2013’s Surgeon Simulator made it out to be? Well, the people at Rooster Teeth decided to find out in an episode of their Immersion series. In this test two members of Rooster Teeth (Michael and Gavin) would have to not only perform a heart transplant but make sure their victim doesn’t bleed out in the process.

To make things more difficult for the pair, each one had an arm bound behind their back to limit mobility. Michael and Gavin also had to remove the ribs and carefully set aside the lungs, otherwise the target would stop breathing and die. Much like Surgeon Simulator their was a blood count on one of the monitors, which if it dropped to zero meant they’ve failed.

This is only one of a number of video games that Rooster Teeth has attempted to bring to life for laughs. Other titles include Resident Evil, Halo, and preforming an assassination in a Hitman scenario. However, their Surgeon Simulator Immersion is by far the bloodiest and perhaps on of the funniest so far.

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