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Rodeo Stampede: How to Get Hats


Rodeo Stampede: How to Get Hats

Hats off to you!

Hats – Rodeo Stampede

When you are out in the wild attempting to lasso animals at high speed you will want to make sure your character is fashionably dressed. Enter hats, the only real customizable cosmetic item in Rodeo Stampede for the player characters outside of the choice screen at the start of the game. There are a plethora of hats in this title to unlock and thankfully most of them are not terribly difficult to obtain.

In order to unlock new hats, you will need to gain experience by riding a variety of different rare animals during a run. Each animal has up to three hats that can be unlocked each ranging in rarity from the Novice class hats to the Master level ones. You will need to fully level each experience bar to unlock a hat, which can be done by lassoing rare animals of that type during the normal game mode. It doesn’t matter if you have already found this animal as long as it’s not the base type you typically encounter. For example, the Water Buffalo will net you 0 experience while the slightly rarer Forest Buffalo will gain you some XP.

The game will notify you of your experience gain by having a blue hat icon quickly pop-up as soon as you land on that animal. Once you see this there is no need to keep riding that animal, so always make sure to keep your eye out for specific uncommon types. One of the best tips if you are hat hunting is to go through one animal species at a time so you’re not trying to magically catch up to every rare animal type.

Collecting hats is something that will come naturally as you play, so don’t fret if you haven’t obtained one right away. Make sure to note down which animals frequent which levels, as this will help you keep track of what areas are best for farming XP. Plus, when you are out riding it’s a great way to hit crates and grab a lot of coins for your Rodeo Stampede zoo.

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