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Resident Evil 7 Midnight Demo: How to Get the True and Infected Ending


Resident Evil 7 Midnight Demo: How to Get the True and Infected Ending

Midnight is here.

True and Infected Ending – Resident Evil 7 Midnight Demo

The Infected ending is one of two new endings you can unlock in the Resident Evil 7 Midnight demo. There’s also a true ending you can unlock, and we’ll get to that a bit later.

First off, use your knowledge from having played the previous updates to obtain the Fuse in the hidden room, and the Basement Key found in the attic. Head back downstairs and go through the mold-covered door next to the room you start out in. This is the mysterious room that we couldn’t open in the previous updates, but now we’ll finally see what lies ahead.

Head inside and you’ll find a new corridor. Use the Basement Key on the door at the end of the corridor. Look for a room with some hanging body bags and pick up the Valve Handle on the right. After doing this, try to exit, and a mold-covered monster will show up to attack you. Before leaving the area, be sure to look in the shelves to find an Attic Window Key, and then kick down the door to head back into the new corridor. Go back up to the attic and try to climb the ladder and escape via the window, and the demo will end, showing you the Infected ending.

Do note that in order to get this particular ending, you have to get hit by the monster at least once. If not, you’ll get a different ending.

As for the true ending, you simply have to follow all the steps we’ve listed above, but you cannot get hit by the monster even once when escaping. If you can get to the attic unscathed, you’ll unlock the true ending. If you picked up the axe on the way to the new corridor, you can use it to hit the bodybags to distract the monster and buy yourself some time.

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