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PS4’s Battlezone VR is Given a Retro 80s Look with New Update


PS4’s Battlezone VR is Given a Retro 80s Look with New Update

Available for free next week.

There is a free update on its way for Battlezone, which will give the game an 80s makeover, making it look a lot like the original, and a lot like VR looked in the 1980s in general. Take a look at the trailer below:

On Dec. 20 the free update will go live, and you will be able to play Classic mode. This will include a “retro score-attack game set across the iconic black and green worlds of the original.”

“Featuring retro tank track controls and global high score tables, Battlezone’s new Classic Mode will be a welcome addition for new and experienced Tank Commanders alike!”

There are also new events, mission types, and new maps to play with in the update. The “tank controls” are actually a recreation of the old two track control scheme, if you really want to challenge yourself.

The full patch notes are as follows:

Field Manual now available.

  • Both Classic Mode and Field Manual available via Extras Menu

Updated campaign content:

  • New maps, missions and events
  • Health crystals in single-player as additional means of restoring health
  • Hints will display upon death
  • HUD colour options added to Settings Menu

Bug fixes and optimisations:

  • Fixed a bug where hoppers sometimes got stuck in level geometry
  • Reduced projectile-based lag when not hosting in online co-op
  • Various performance optimisations

Added purchasable tank customisation options:

  • New skins, bobbleheads and horns now available to purchase


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