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Pokemon Sun and Moon’s Second Global Event Starts Today


Pokemon Sun and Moon’s Second Global Event Starts Today

Will we actually meet the target this time?

Pokemon Sun and Moon will be launching the second global event today, December 27. The first global event from last month tasked players from all over the world to capture a total of 100 million Pokemon. Unfortunately, the community fell short, and ended up catching only about 16 million in total.

This time around, the global event is tasking players with using the Island Scan feature in the game to track down one million Pokemon, and then either capture or defeat them. This shouldn’t be too bad, provided players are inclined to use the Island Scanner feature and start scanning QR codes with their 3DS devices. The event will run from December 27 to January 9. It’s a pretty short time period, but one million shouldn’t be too difficult to hit, considering the size of the Pokemon player base from around the world.

The global event can be accessed from Sun and Moon’s Festival Plaza. Pokemon Sun and Moon are now available on the Nintendo 3DS. Will you be participating in the event? Let us know in the comments down below.

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