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Pokemon GO: When the Gift Boxes End


Pokemon GO: When the Gift Boxes End

Gift Boxes – Pokemon GO

As a way to help Pokemon trainers around the world celebrate the holiday festivities and welcome in 2017, Niantic has thrown up a bunch of gift boxes for players to purchase in Pokemon GO. Offering a bunch of handy items to help trainers on their quest to become the very best, there are two different sets of boxes being made available.

The first set includes Special, Great, and Ultra boxes. These have been available since Dec. 25 and will be available for players to purchase until Dec. 30. You can check out their contents and individual pricing below.

  • A Special Box includes 10 Great Balls and 2 Egg Incubators for 250 PokeCoins.
  • A Great Box contains 20 Great Balls, 2 Incense, and 4 Egg Incubators for 550 PokeCoins.
  • An Ultra Box contains 20 Ultra Balls, 25 Incense, and 6 six Egg Incubators for 1500 PokeCoins.

When these gift boxes are no longer available, another set will briefly replace them. Running from Dec. 31 until Jan. 3, 2017, players will be able to pick up Bronze, Silver, and Gold Boxes. Unfortunately, their exact contents are unknown at the moment, but we’ll be sure to keep you updated as and when we find out.

When Gift Boxes End

In short, if you want to make the most of these special Pokemon GO gift boxes, you’ve got until Jan. 3, 2017 at the very latest to bag yourself one. But remember, the first set will end on Dec. 30.

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