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Pokemon GO: Everything New in Today’s Update


Pokemon GO: Everything New in Today’s Update

Niantic is prepping for the holidays with some Gen II Pokemon. The company announced a new update coming to Pokemon GO later today, which will bring some fresh faces to the Pokedex. If you’re eager to get caught up on the update, here are four things you should know from today’s announcement.

1. Pichu is joining the game

The second generation of Pokemon games introduced a breeding mechanic that allowed Pokemon to lay eggs, as well as some new “baby” Pokemon that could be obtained through this. These babies were pre-evolutions of first generation Pokemon, and fans of Pikachu will be happy to know that its pre-evolution, Pichu, is heading to Pokemon GO.

Players will be able to get Pichu by hatching eggs in-game. It’s unclear how often Pichu will hatch from an egg, or what type of egg this Pokemon is likely to spawn from.

Pokemon GO Pichu and Togepi

2. Togepi is coming, and hopefully with Metronome

This egg Pokemon also made its debut in the Gen II lineup, the only baby Pokemon that was not a pre-evolution of an existing ‘mon, but a new Pokedex lineage all its own. Togepi will also be available in Pokemon GO solely through egg hatching.

Most notable, however, is that Togepi’s primary attack in past games is Metronome, a move that, when used, will turn into a different, random Pokemon move. Togepi, therefore, can be found attacking with anything from Flamethrower to Water Gun. It’s an unpredictable mechanic, but a fun and potentially powerful one, as well.

3. Several more Pokemon are on the way, likely babies

Niantic would not name the other “several” Gen II Pokemon being added with the update, but did note that they would also be obtained through egg hatching. These additions are probably the five other baby Pokemon of the Gen II Gold and Silver games:

Magby (evolves into Magmar)
Smoochum (evolves into Jynx)
Cleffa (evolves into Clefairy)
Igglybuff (evolves into Jigglypuff)
Elekid (evolves into Electabuzz)

We’ll keep you updated on confirmed new Pokemon when the update arrives, but these are good bets.

4. A Special Pikachu has arrived

To get in the holiday spirit, Niantic announced a limited edition Santa hat Pikachu. This festive buddy can be found and caught out in the world, and will only be available until Dec. 29, 10am PST.

Pokemon GO Santa hat Pikachu christmas

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