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Overwatch Holiday Event Arrives Next Week

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Overwatch Holiday Event Arrives Next Week

We’ve been good this year.

It looks like we have all been good this year, as Blizzard announced today that its holiday themed seasonal event will kick off on Dec. 13.

Following up from the Summer Games and Halloween seasonal events, this Holiday version should include everything from new sprays to highlight intros, along with everyone’s favorite inclusion, skins.

Last week some data-miners found evidence of four new map files with at least one being Holiday themed. Much like the Hollywood map got a spooky redesign for Halloween, according to Blizzard’s Tweet below it looks like King’s Row is being transformed into a winter wonderland.

Although nothing is confirmed from Blizzard, according to the data-miners every character will be receiving a holiday voice-line, spray, and victory pose, with select characters potentially getting skins, an emote, or highlight intro as well. Apparently, Torbjorn is getting all three of a skin, emote, and highlight intro, indicating he might be playing the big man himself, old Saint Nick. That’s fine by us, especially if his skin looks anything similar to this amazing Santa/Torbjorn fanart.

A special game mode was included in the previous two seasonal event with Lucioball for the Summer Games and Junkenstein’s revenge for Halloween. It’s therefore very likely this event will have a special game mode as well, maybe a arena-styled snowball fight? Or perhaps we could tie a bunch of Pharah’s to some sleighs and duke it out in the sky?

It’s yet to be mentioned how players will be able to collect these new in-game items besides opening seasonal loot boxes. Although the Summer Games items could only be collected via loot boxes, during the Halloween event players had the option to save coins and buy themed items as well.

Since the 13th places us exactly 12 days before Christmas, it would be pretty cool to have an advent calendar styled layout with special items unlocking for each day. Hopefully we get more info from Blizzard before the 13th, and in the meantime why not check out all the holiday themed skins we are hoping for Christmas this year, including a Grinchy Reaper and Mrs. Claus Mei.


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