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Nintendo Locks Down a Date for the Switch January Livestream

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Nintendo Locks Down a Date for the Switch January Livestream

Mark your calendars.

When the Nintendo Switch was first announced, the company also stated that more info on the new hybrid console will be coming in January 2017. Since then, we’ve been treated to a really neat-looking debut trailer, as well as a gameplay premiere for Breath of the Wild with Jimmy Fallon. Nintendo has taken to Twitter to finally announce that their Switch livestream has been dated for January 12.

The livestream can be caught on Nintendo’s official website itself, and it’ll take place at 8pm PT. The company will likely make use of the livestream to go over the finer details of the Switch, and possibly answer our burning questions about region-locking and proper user accounts. Maybe we’ll even get an exclusive look at some new third-party games coming to the console. Perhaps we’ll even get confirmation on that rumor about all three Dark Souls games releasing on the Switch!

We will, of course, keep you updated as more info comes our way. What are you hoping to see in the livestream? Let us know in the comments down below.

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