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Nintendo Files Trademark for ‘Eternal Darkness’


Nintendo Files Trademark for ‘Eternal Darkness’

*crosses fingers*

It looks like Nintendo could soon to be looking to revive the Eternal Darkness name, or if anything, make sure nobody else can. As noticed by NeoGaf user Rösti, a trademark filing by Nintendo for the name appeared on Dec. 20.

The refiling of the trademark doesn’t necessarily suggest a brand new Eternal Darkness game or even an HD remaster. It’s entirely possible that Nintendo is simply refiling the trademark to maintain their ownership, as their last filing for the name will expire at the end of the year pending a Statement of Use (a report on how they’re using the name) submission, which seems unlikely to happen following this new application.

Developers often re-register trademarks for IP that they have no particular plans for, but this does tell us that Nintendo isn’t ready to let go of the Eternal Darkness yet. Whether they’d like to keep their plans open to sell it off or one day produce an in-house or outsourced sequel, they’re keeping their options open.

The original Eternal Darkness, release in 2002, was a survival-horror game made exclusively for the GameCube developed by the now-defunct Silicon Knights and published by Nintendo. Though not a success in sales, it was well-loved by critics.


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