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NieR: Automata – How to Lock On


NieR: Automata – How to Lock On

Perfect for sharpshooters.

Locking On – NieR: Automata

As with most action RPGs these days, NieR: Automata features a lock-on system that lets you target specific enemies and direct your attacks towards them. With a target lock, 2B will swing her weapons in their direction whenever you hit the attack button, ensuring that none of your lunges are wasted.

To lock on to an enemy, simply tap the L2 button, and you’ll be locked on to the nearest target. You can switch targets by pushing the right analog stick to whichever enemy you want to focus on. When you’re locked on, you’ll see two long scan lines at either side of the screen, along with a red circle in the center of the enemy that you’ve targeted. These are removed once you take away the target lock, or when your targeted enemy has been vanquished.

Locking on is incredibly useful, especially when you’re facing off against aerial enemies and your only hope of defeating them is by using your pod’s gun. When you’re locked on to a foe, all bullets fired from the pod will automatically track your target so you won’t have to aim it manually. Remember to make use of the target lock whenever you plan on using the pod.

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