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New Prey Gameplay Video Shows off Abilities and Upgrades


New Prey Gameplay Video Shows off Abilities and Upgrades

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Lead Designer Ricardo Bare and Creative Director Raphael Colantonio have showcased Arkane Studios’ upcoming game Prey with a new 8-minute video demo. Displaying some of the possibilities on offer in the new game, and an approach which will be familiar and exciting to fans of Dishonored, and Bioshock, the demo gives a taster of what will be in store for spring 2017.

There are some interesting touches in the demo. The supernatural abilities given to the player are very reminiscent of Bioshock’s plasmids (or vigours): the “leverage” power is like a revamped telekinesis; the “superthermal” pillar of flame that can be summoned to melt enemies is akin to the incinerate plasmid. One of Prey’s more brilliant touches is the ability to morph into inanimate objects – like the coffee cup on display in the demo – and use this to access out-of-reach areas.

The developer did note at one point that “weapons are rare”, which sounds as though players will be encouraged to experiment with the Prey’s systems like the “gloo gun” which was used not only freeze enemies in place, but to create bridges and make-shift staircases.

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