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All New Holiday Overwatch Emotes, Poses, Highlight Intros, and More

Torbjorn Overwatch Holiday Event

All New Holiday Overwatch Emotes, Poses, Highlight Intros, and More

Time to toast for the brawl.

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Overwatch’s Holiday event is upon us, and it’s time to reap the loot boxes while we can! That’s right, you won’t be able to get these presents any other time of year, so it’s time to start saving up those coins or winning some matches.

If you want to see the new skins that the Overwatch holiday event brings, by the way, check out our post over here for pictures of them. You can also get a recap of every new thing the event introduces for the next few weeks over here! Below are the patch notes covering new Winter additions to the Overwatch heroes:


  • Victory Post – Toast
  • Voice Line – “I’m watching out for you.”
  • New Sprays


  • Voice Line – “Dwee doo hoo.”
  • New Sprays


  • Victory Post – Festive
  • Voice Line – “Aw, you shouldn’t have.”
  • New Sprays


  • Voice Line – “Merry Christmas!”
  • New Sprays


  • Voice Line – “A gift for you.”
  • New Sprays


  • Voice Line – “Merry Christmas.”
  • New Sprays


  • Skin – Andes
  • Voice Line – “Happy Holidays!”
  • New Sprays


  • Skin – Scrooge
  • Emote – Hat Trick
  • Voice Line – “Had to break the ice.”
  • New Sprays


  • Skin – Mei-rry
  • Emote – Snowman
  • Voice Line – “I got you something!”
  • New Sprays


  • Victory Pose – Mistletoe
  • Voice Line – “Your guardian angel.”
  • New Sprays


  • Skin – Frostbite
  • Victory Pose – Toast
  • Voice Line – “The Forecast.”
  • New Sprays


  • Skin – Shiver
  • Voice Line – “Holiday Spirit”
  • New Sprays
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