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New Halo 5 Update Adds Full Arena Multiplayer to PC


New Halo 5 Update Adds Full Arena Multiplayer to PC

Completely free Arena multiplayer!

Today, 343 launched the 10th free DLC for Halo 5: Guardians, Monitor’s Bounty, and with it has greatly expanded the PC version of the game.

The expansion adds over 650 new objects to Forge, the grenade launcher (or “Pro Pipe”) from Halo Reach, purchasable voice packs for multiplayer announcers, new weapon skins, and more. Ranked and Social playlists have also been split into their own sections for cleaner setup in Arena.

That’s all well and good, but the other coolest part of the update is that the PC version of the game, which previously only supported Forge and custom games, will now have full access to Arena multiplayer. This essentially makes the PC version a completely free way to play the best part of Halo 5: its multiplayer.

Unfortunately, there’s still no Warzone or Firefight, but at the rate 343 is expanding its “Forge-only” PC edition, we might just see the day where the only thing not in Halo 5 PC is the the campaign.

Monitor’s Bounty also adds a custom games browser to both editions of the game, which will open the door for the best custom rules and mini-games to be easily shared to the community.


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