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5 Nintendo Mistakes That Haunted Them This Year


5 Nintendo Mistakes That Haunted Them This Year

Oh, Nintendo.

No More Switch Info

Nintendo Switch

October finally brought Nintendo fans the moment they’d been waiting for since late 2015. The company finally gave us our first look at its upcoming console and handheld hybrid. From what we saw in the three and a half minute trailer, the system looks great, but we were still left with a ton of unanswered questions. How long would the battery last when not on the docking system? What titles are definitely coming to the system? What was the resolution output?

To make things even worse, Nintendo announced that fans would have to wait until early next year for the next batch of Switch details. While it’s understandable that Nintendo wants to ensure its messaging is crystal clear after the confusion that surrounded the Wii U’s unveiling, it does leave the Switch in a vulnerable position. Instead, Nintendo are leaving it until mere months before the console’s release to detail important features and specifications that may turn players off. This gives consumers a short amount of time to digest the disappointing news before the console’s release, which, in turn, could impact the launch window pickup rate.

Die-hard Nintendo fans are likely to pick up the system regardless, but those who abandoned the big N during the Wii and Wii U era will need plenty of enticing back in if they’re going to grab the Switch. We’ll have to wait and see come January what the consensus surrounding the Switch is.

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