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Let It Die: How to Use Mushrooms


Let It Die: How to Use Mushrooms

But do they make you grow?

Mushrooms – Let It Die

In your bloody and dread inducing ventures through Let It Die’s Barb Tower, players will encounter a number of different mushrooms. These items act as the games potions and main source of healing throughout their journey. However, using them can be a bit tricky at times as all of their actions are tied to the touchpad in the center of your controller.

When you come across a mushroom on a floor, you can either consume it on the spot or toss it into your Death Bag. Doing the latter will automatically queue it up in the top right selection menu. If you want to individually select a mushroom, simply swipe your finger in either direction. Do not click in the touchpad, otherwise you will either eat the mushroom or go into the throwing menu.

If you do want to eat a mushroom, click the right side of the touchpad which will cause your character to use up any mushroom that is selected. However, if you want to throw it, you’ll have to click the left of the touchpad, aim, and then throw with the X button.

Mushrooms have a variety of different properties and they can actually be grilled to enhance their affects. When you approach a grill, throw a mushroom onto it and it will grill in a second or two for you. Pick it up and it will go back into your inventory just like any other. Using the right mushroom at the right time will mean life or death in Let It Die. Certain ones can buff your damage, defense, or even explode and kill multiple enemies. Always make sure to check the symbols next to the mushroom in the top right corner. If it’s a cross than that means it will be the kind that heals you.

With some clever item management, you will emerge victorious from the terrifying Barb Tower.

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