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Let It Die: How to Perform a Goretastic Attack


Let It Die: How to Perform a Goretastic Attack

Finish Him!

Goretastic Attack – Let It Die

There’s a lot of blood and brutality in Let It Die. However, some of the most visceral moves come via specialized attacks. Known as Goretastic Attacks, these powerful grappling attacks will instantly kill a target in a usually disgusting manner. These can range from simply ripping a person in half or using their face as an ironing board.

In order to execute one of these attacks, you will need to continuously attack your opponent and chain together strikes. This can be done by either hammering away at a foe with quick strikes via a one handed attack or using both weapons in either hand to combo moves. Once your target begins to wane, he will become “groggy” and thus can be affected by a Goretastic Attack.

To do this, simply hold down the triangle button once prompted and either hit the right or left trigger. You need to hold down the triangle button when the actual icon appears, otherwise you may just use a regular super move. Once this happens a small in game animation will play, showing your character inflicting bloody terror on your foe.

Doing this will also net you some extra rewards like gold or loot drops from them, so don’t hold back if you have the chance. The easiest way to preform this move is by isolating the last target in a group. If you attempt to make an enemy groggy when more than one opponent is fighting, you run the high risk of being interrupted. Given foes can do an insane amount of damage, it’s best to reserve this flashy finisher for the poor soul who’s still alive.

One important thing to note is that if your character is hit multiple times, you can also become groggy. This means that enemies can also preform a Goretastic Attack, which will do an insane amount of damage to use. Make sure to always be dodging and rolling in Let It Die or you will just end up as another corpse on the floor.

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