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Let It Die: How to Level Up in the Waiting Room


Let It Die: How to Level Up in the Waiting Room

Don’t die without spending the points.

Leveling Up – Let It Die

While you’re off killing enemies in the Tower of Barbs, you’ll accumulate experience points. However, unlike most other RPGs, you don’t level up automatically after crossing a certain threshold. Instead, you’ll need to go back to the Waiting Room in order to pool all of your experience points and level up from there.

Once you’re back in the Waiting Room (you can can get back by accessing an elevator on the level), look for the mechanical head in the hall. It’s the same one that counts all of your money and experience points once you return from a level. From here, you’ll be able to see all of the stats that you can level up, and how many experience points it’ll cost you to go up one level. Allocate all your desired stat points as you see fit, and then press the X button to confirm your selection. The mechanical head will then level you up, and you’ll be good to go.

However, do note that leveling up won’t automatically restore any health you might have lost. You’ll still have to use restorative items to get back your HP.

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