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Let It Die: How to Get Back to the Waiting Room


Let It Die: How to Get Back to the Waiting Room

The base of operations.

Waiting Room – Let It Die

The Waiting Room is a pretty damn important place in Let It Die as that’s the only area where you can pool all your experience points and level up. Not to mention, it’s also a good hub where you can purchase decals to make the going easier, and also develop new weapons and gear. Unfortunately, you can’t just return to it as and when you want. And if you try to quit the game while you’re in the middle of the level, the game will count it as a death.

Whenever you want to go back to the Waiting Room, scour the level you’re on for an elevator. These are your return points, and though you’ll have to pay a small sum of money to go back, it’s worth it just for the chance to recuperate and level up. Once you’ve found an elevator, you’ll have the opportunity to go back to previous levels on which you’ve activated an elevator on, along with the Waiting Room itself. Select your destination, and you’ll be transported back immediately. Once you’ve done all you need to do, you can hop back into the Tower of Barbs.

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