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Let It Die: How to Save Your Game


Let It Die: How to Save Your Game

Waiting Around.

Save – Let It Die

Let It Die is a rather brutal and unforgiving game thanks to how this pseudo dungeon crawler is designed. If your character dies out on one of the Barb Tower’s many floors, then players can either revive (for a price) or just let their character die. If they die, then you will lose all the gear that’s not stored in your bank and the hero will be turned into a vicious enemy NPC called a Hunter.

In order to actually save your game, you’ll need to be in the Waiting Room on the very bottom of the tower. If you exit out of the game while on the floor, it will be treated as a death and you’ll lose your progress. This makes it imperative that players find the various elevators scattered about each floor and use them to head down to the Waiting Room.

Once you are in the Waiting Room, you can go through Let It Die’s menus and exit out there. You won’t lose any progress and as soon as you see the skateboarding Uncle Death, you’ll know the game has saved. Suspending the game however will not kill your character off, just make sure to not close the Let It Die application before you exit out.

We cannot stress this enough, do not exit out of the game while you’re out exploring the Barb Tower. Let It Die is quite harsh in this regard, which only backs up the high risk and high reward themes.

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