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Let It Die: How to Get Money Fast


Let It Die: How to Get Money Fast


Money – Let It Die

When you are out exploring the dangerous and cruel floors of Let It Die’s Barb Tower, you will frequently be showered with gold coins. Now these can be obtained by opening boxes, killing enemies, or slaying the previous player-controlled fighters, called Haters that are scattered about the world. However, given that having a large pool of money can make or break a run, it’s vital that you collect as much money as possible early on. Your coins are not only used to buy different mushrooms, decals, armor, and weapons, but also elevator rides to and from the Waiting Room.

One of the best ways to earn a lot of money early on is to grind s0me of the very early floors of the Barb Tower, using the elevator/escalators to your advantage. Since every time you re-enter the floor all the mobs and boxes will spawn, this allows you to quickly run through floors and gather up a ton of money. Make sure to target breakable crates as they can sometimes include a plethora of money for players to collect.

Killing the low-level mobs will also give you a fair amount of gear and items to sell back in the Waiting Room. Since many of the lower tier enemies always drop some form of a weapon or item, this can be exploited and allow you to sell them back for cash. Make sure when you are clearing a floor that you always, always go after Haters if they are lower or around your level. These enemies drop the highest amount of gold from the base enemy types and a floor will usually consist of at least one for players to kill.

Another quick and easy way to make money fast is to grill your mushrooms, as this will usually raise their price once you try and sell them back to the vendors on the bottom floor. Also, try to use the escalator as much as possible, since riding the elevator both ways will cost you gold that you cannot always spare if you’re saving up. Finally, make sure to always play it safe and head back to the Waiting Room if your health is running low or if you run into a fight you cannot win. Dying on a floor will cause you to lose all the money not stored in your safe, so don’t risk it unless you have too.

Following these steps will certainly make your life easier as you ascend upwards in Let It Die, just make sure all that gold doesn’t weigh you down.

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