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Let It Die: Does It Have Co-Op or Multiplayer?


Let It Die: Does It Have Co-Op or Multiplayer?

Army of one.

Multiplayer/Co-op – Let It Die

One of the biggest appeals of Let It Die is that players have the ability to customize and design their character in amusing ways while performing over the top kills. However, one curious element missing is the ability to play with others as the current release model for Let It Die only really features a PvP game mode centered around invading enemy Waiting Rooms.

To do this, players will have to scale a few of the early floors until you are given access to the robotic cop known as Tetsuo. Once this is activated, you will gain the ability to sign up for a team and raid enemy bases for coins and other resources while they are away. Most of your points will be gained by killing enemy players, who can be knocked unconscious and then dragged into your bathroom. Doing so will allow you to not only block players from using that fighter in-game, but give the controlling user a set amount of SPLithium a day.

The only way to get your character back is to initiate a revenge raid, which will allow you to rescue your trapped fighter if the attack is successful. Players can also send out fighters known as “Hunters” from their Meat Locker in order to scavenge for resources in other players worlds. If they are defeated, the Hunter will simply return home and resume defending your base like normal.

Sadly, this is the only real way to initiate some kind of multiplayer currently in Let It Die as the base game does not feature Co-op of any kind. You are very much on your own when exploring the Barb Tower, so the only way to interact with others is to invade their world and attempt to steal their fighters. It’s kill or be killed in Let It Die, just make sure you aren’t the one being dragged to the dirty bathroom.

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