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4 Improvements Super Mario Run Desperately Needs


4 Improvements Super Mario Run Desperately Needs

Game changers.

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Expand Ways to Obtain Toads

Super Mario Run

One of the most interesting aspects of Super Mario Run is that it features an online component called Toad Rally that has players race against “ghosts” of other real life players. Winners not only get to keep the coins they’ve acquired, but also all of their and other players’ Toads. These cute villagers are actually a form of currency in Super Mario Run, as the more you nab, the cooler structures and items you can unlock. However, the issue arises in that players can actually lose Toads if they don’t win in races.

This effectively means if you don’t give a near flawless performance, then you will probably end up losing some of your inhabitants. Since progress is tracked based on how many you own, that means players could be constantly set back from obtaining unlockable characters like Luigi or Yoshi. Super Mario Run desperately needs a way in the single player campaign for others to obtain Toads so this kind of a headache can be alleviated. Even if it’s just a once a day acquisition, the ability to stem the bleeding from not perfecting every level would be much appreciated.

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