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The Walking Dead Season 3: How to Import Your Decisions and Save Data from Past Seasons


The Walking Dead Season 3: How to Import Your Decisions and Save Data from Past Seasons

The newest season of Telltale’s Walking Dead game is going to drop on December 20, and many players are concerned about their save data from the previous two seasons transferring to this one. Players have three options when it comes to importing their choices into season three. Players who do not want to fuss with their previous choices can just start a whole new story. Their new story from season three will begin as if the player chose Clementine to be alone with just AJ at the end of season two. Other choices from season two will be generated at random but it is not known what the choices for minor decisions will be yet.

Players who want their choices to carry over to season three have two choices on how to do that. First, they can import their season two save game. This is very simple if you use the same device that has the season two saved data on it already. If that is the case, then a prompt will automatically show up for you to use the saved data from season two. Players who want to use a different device need to find their old device that houses the season two save data. Players will then have to use their Telltale Games account to save their choices to the Telltale Games Cloud. Once the data is saved to the cloud, the data can be accessed after logging into the new device using the Telltale Games sign in.

Players who do not have their old device or do not want to go through the hassle of importing the data have one final option. The last option is using Telltale’s new Story Generator. This is a questionnaire that asks every decision that was made from season two including the way that characters interacted with you and styles of play. There are 42 questions in this option and will give you the starting points that will make season three better tailored to your previous experiences.

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