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If Popstars Had Pokemon, These Would Totally Be Their Teams


If Popstars Had Pokemon, These Would Totally Be Their Teams

Their concerts would be a lot more interesting, that’s for sure.

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Perhaps in her Hannah Montana days, Miley Cyrus might have had a few more cutesy-fairy types on her team, but these days a few others just seem much more fitting.

Of course Lickitung makes the cut, due to its and its trainer’s love of sticking their tongues out whether it be in a battle or in front of thousands of fans onstage. It’s clear the two would get along pretty well with this common interest.

Not to say that Miley is trashy, but Trubbish the trash Pokemon would make a great inclusion to her team. Trubbsih does the impossible by making garbage cute, just like Miley can take items that definitely shouldn’t be clothing and somehow make them into clothes. Like, say, clear packaging tape and balloons or maybe just a dress of dollar bills.

Finally its first-generation Cloyster; this one takes a little more, let’s say, imagination. With Miley’s continual use of nether-area grabbing while on stage and Cloyster’s Georgia O’Keeffeian similarity to a certain feminine body part, it would be a great inclusion to Miley’s team while sticking to an overarching theme of feminine representation.

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