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How to Get Christmas Pikachu in Pokemon GO


How to Get Christmas Pikachu in Pokemon GO

Christmas Pikachu – Pokemon GO

Pokemon GO is gearing up for the holidays with new generation II Pokemon, but while you’re out looking for a Togepi or Pichu, you may be hoping to get the special new Christmas Pikachu as well.

From today to Dec. 29, 10:00am PST, an adorable Pikachu wearing a Santa Hat will be available in-game. There’s no specific requirement or method to getting this Christmas Pikachu; it will appear in the wild as any other Pokemon does. Typically Pikachu-dense areas are popular urban centers and tourist attractions, like a zoo or pier. Even so, the Pokemon can appear in a variety of areas, though it is a rare find. Keep exploring, and you’re bound to find your Christmas Pikachu eventually.

Pikachu can be fairly difficult to catch, even at low CPs, so be sure to keep plenty of Razz Berries and Poke Balls on hand. Ideally, you’ll have a healthy stock of Ultra Balls to work with.

While you’re out searching, be sure to keep your eggs on Incubators. Pokemon GO’s update is adding a selection of baby Pokemon to the game — pre-evolutions of exisitng Pokemon, acquirable through hatching eggs. Togepi and Pichu, the pre-evolution of Pikachu, are the only two confirmed additions at this time, though we’ll keep you updated on any additional new faces.

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