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Top 3 Hardest Xbox One Achievements of December 2016


Top 3 Hardest Xbox One Achievements of December 2016

Think you can get them all?



Helping to round off 2016’s video game offerings was Ubisoft’s Steep. Dropping them into an open-world mountain range, Steep allows players to traverse the mountains by skiing, snowboarding, paragliding, and wingsuiting — all while switching between them on the fly. While the game does have a bunch of challenges for you to complete, many players will enjoy recording and editing footage of their stylish descent and sharing it with friends, or simply speeding down the powder-covered slopes alongside them.

Exploring every inch of Steep’s huge mountain ranges can take some time, even when using the game’s fast-travel system. This makes unlocking all of those sweet achievements pretty difficult, especially when one requires you to reach 100% exploration on all regions of the Alps. Combine that with the fact you’ll need to complete all of the mountain stories, get gold medals in all of the challenges, and max out your reputation, and Steep’s achievement list is pretty darn tricky.

A couple of achievements requiring you to get over 2,000 points in a single jump and nailing a 1080 and double backflip will ensure your skills are definitely put to the test. Oh, and when you’re trying to get those Gold medals on the La Fieuse and Fallen Rocks challenges, try not to throw your controller across the room. They’re by far the toughest in the game.

Steep’s full achievement list can be found here.

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