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Top 3 Hardest PS4 Trophies and Platinums of December 2016


Top 3 Hardest PS4 Trophies and Platinums of December 2016

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Steep Review

Ubisoft’s Steep was one of the final major titles to hit the PS4 in 2016. Dropping players onto a huge open-world mountain range to explore at their own leisure, Steep was all about the thrill of going downhill quickly. Of course, the way you seek these thrills is entirely up to you, with skiing, snowboarding, wingsuiting, and paragliding all available for you to switch between on the fly. Steep also comes with a whole host of video recording and editing options, so you can perfectly capture your stylish descent down any of the trails you create, then share it with your friends and challenge them to outdo you.

As you may have guessed then, Steep is quite the large game, and getting its Platinum can be pretty darn tricky. Not only do you have to complete all of the mountain stories in the Alps, but you’ll need to reach 100% exploration on all regions of the Alps, too. On top of that, you’ll have to max out your reputation level by completing events and consistently getting high scores, and you’ll need to get all Gold medals in both the Alps’ public and invitational challenges. Simply completing some of these can be pretty challenging. La Fieuse and Fallen Rocks in particular are two that’ll have you wanting to rage quit over and over again. You can check out the full trophy list here.

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