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Halo Player Creates Fully Functioning Calculator in Forge

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Halo Player Creates Fully Functioning Calculator in Forge

Maths can now be mastered by the Chief.

“That’s it – we can’t top this” says one Reddit comment.

“I would go back to playing Halo 5 just because of this” exclaims another.

What are they referring to exactly? Well, some very clever Halo 5 player has managed to craft a fully operational calculator in the game’s Forge mode; a robust map-making tool which runs on the Halo 5: Guardians engine.

Earlier today, a Reddit user by the name of CantUseApostrophes posted a message to the Halo Reddit page, entitled “Functional Calculator Made in Forge” which included the gif below.

As you can imagine, their post generated a lot of attention among the Halo community, with even the official Xbox UK Twitter account spreading the news.

CantUseApostrophes also posted some details on how he managed to craft such a contraption, which he explains was only possible thanks to the “new scripting features” of the recent Forge update.

“What you’re seeing there is actually the numbers 0 through 9 all on top of each other,” they explain,  going on to elaborate that “when the “screen” displays each number, it spawns 0 to 9 all at once, then despawns every number except for the one it’s supposed to display.”

CantUseApostrophes says players can try out the machine for themselves by apparently typing in “calculator” in the in-game browser.


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