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Gran Turismo Sport Gets Stunning Trailer at PlayStation Experience

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Gran Turismo Sport Gets Stunning Trailer at PlayStation Experience

Start your engines.

During today’s PlayStation Experience event, Polyphony Digital show its upcoming racer, Gran Turismo Sport with a stunning new trailer.

The gameplay trailer noted four important features coming as part of the game. First, Gran Turismo Sport will make use of the PS4’s HDR feature. For those who aren’t sure, HDR stands for High Dynamic Range and enhances picture color and quality. Players who have a PS4 Pro, however, you’ll be able to display the game in 4K resolution to see every tiny detail in your environment. Considering the Gran Turismo series’ focus on stunning visuals and ultra realism, this will be a welcome addition for racing fans.

Next up, the trailer showed Gran Turismo Sport briefly being played in VR from the cockpit view. Those who are looking for the ultimate immersive simulation experience certainly want to check this out.

Finally, the trailer boasted Gran Turismo Sport’s wide color ability to help really make the environments and cars pop with all of the visual fidelity we’ve come to expect from a Polyphony Digital game. You can check it all out for yourself in the trailer below.

Gran Turismo Sport is due to release later next year, however, no confirmed release date has been provided as of yet. Are you looking forward to checking it out whenever it does release? Let us know down in the comments below.


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