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7 Games You Shouldn’t Get a PS4 Pro For


7 Games You Shouldn’t Get a PS4 Pro For

Might as well stick to the PS4 for these games.

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PS4 Pro

Those deciding to purchase a PlayStation 4 these days will have a choice to make, as the new PS4 Pro offers higher quality resolution and improved frame-rate outputs for certain games at a $100 increased price. Compatible with 4K television sets, the PS4 Pro has the potential to offer players some of the most impressive graphics yet to be seen on console, assuming developers can build their games to reach the heightened specs the Pro is aiming for.

So far, some games are able to match the Pro’s demands, with titles like Uncharted 4 amping up their resolution from 1080p to 1440p on a 4k display while maintaining a high frame-rate. And even those who still have a standard HD display will see a noticeable difference as Uncharted 4 renders at the highest resolution possible while down-scaling the total image back into 1080p. Uncharted 4 also utilizes the Pro’s inclusion of HDR (high dynamic range) to expand its brightness and range of color.

Some other games, however, either don’t seem to acquire a noticeable difference in appearance when shifting up to the qualifications of the PS4 Pro, or have yet to even release a patch offering the possibility for the Pro’s higher resolution/frame-rate options. Here’s a list of some of those games that don’t look all that different on the Pro when compared to its base-model predecessor.

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