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For Honor Might Require an Always-Online Connection


For Honor Might Require an Always-Online Connection

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Ubisoft’s upcoming dueling game For Honor was always marketed as being focused on multiplayer. Much of its footage so far revolves around this aspect. However, creative director Jason VandenBerghe spoke about the single-player portion of the title for the first time in an interview back in September. He described the campaign as incorporating sections that give the player control of all three factions, allowing fans to explore the homelands of these armor-clad warriors on their own. According to him, they “built the campaign so that if you bought the game just for that, that you would be satisfied even if you never went online and played multiplayer. It’s intended to be a full experience.” But according to the box art, that may have changed.

On the box art of For Honor on Amazon, the logo states that an internet connection is required to play the game is clearly visible. In those cases where an internet connection is required for product activation, that is usually clearly defined in said little logo. However, in this case, we can see the version employed when a constant internet connection is required. This means For Honor might be going the way of many AAA titles recently – even playing the single player campaign will require and internet connection. Interestingly enough, the version of the box art seen on Amazon UK does not bear this logo. Ubisoft hasn’t released any kind of statement regarding this, but once they do, we’ll let you know.

For Honor launches on Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC on February 14, 2017.

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This post was originally written by Aron Gerencser.

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