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Final Fantasy XV’s Prompto Delivers a Holiday Message for a Young Fan


Final Fantasy XV’s Prompto Delivers a Holiday Message for a Young Fan

My hero.

In the spirit of Christmas, a father wanted to surprise his daughter, Euphrates, by getting a personal message from Robbie Daymond, the voice of Prompto from Final Fantasy XV. He originally messaged the voice actor to figure out how much a small Christmas message would cost, but instead the father got something priceless.

“She’s absolutely in love with Prompto and is always quoting him and laughing at anything he says,” said the girl’s father in a Reddit post. “FFXV is the first game that has managed to pull her away from games like Minecraft and Roblox, which I find to be amazing.”

Euphrates’ father would later open his inbox which not only contained the voice clip, but also a message saying, “Hey Frankie!! Here is a special X-mas message for your daughter! Hope she enjoys it. Cheers!”

Prompto wished Euphrates a “very merry Christmas,” and also sang some of the Final Fantasy fanfare mixed with Jingle Bells. The father mentions in his Reddit post that he played the clip while his daughter was playing with their PSVR, and how she “giggled and laughed,” but he found out “she was hiding her tears under that VR visor.”

Euphrates’ father not only shared the clip of Prompto, but also his daughter’s reaction which is a picture of her smiling with tears on her face.


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