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Final Fantasy XV: Where to Buy Fishing Bait and Lures


Final Fantasy XV: Where to Buy Fishing Bait and Lures

Become the best fisherman in town.

Bait and Lures – Final Fantasy XV

If you want to level up your fishing skill in Final Fantasy XV, you’re going to need a lot of lures. And a lot of new fishing lines, too. However, it’s difficult to tell which shops in the game sell fishing gear without having to physically visit each one and checking their inventory. That said, there are two easy-to-reach locations in Eos that will sell you all the gear you need to become the best fisherman in town.

The first fishing shop you’ll come across in the game is in Galdin Quay. Once you’ve parked, head over to where the fishing spot is, and you’ll find a booth selling some basic gear like Spider Silk and lures for the more common fish. The stuff here should help you get a hang of the fishing mini game in Final Fantasy XV before you move on to the bigger catches.

The second fishing shop can be found just south of the Vesperpool, next to the fishing spot there. This booth will sell Dragon’s Beard, which is the most durable fishing line in the game, along with some high quality lures that will help you bag the rarer fish in the Vesperpool. You can also purchase the rod and reel sold here, which have much higher stats than the default gear you start off with.

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