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Final Fantasy XV: How and Where to Get the Sturdy Helixhorn


Final Fantasy XV: How and Where to Get the Sturdy Helixhorn

The path to the Ultima Blade.

Sturdy Helixhorn – Final Fantasy XV

The Sturdy Helixhorn is a pretty important treasure item in Final Fantasy XV as it’s required for the crafting of Noctis’ Ultima Blade. These aren’t common drops from regular enemies, so you’ll need to know exactly where and how to farm for them.

First off, head to the Old Lestallum outpost (not to be confused with Lestallum the city) and talk to the local tipster there. You’ll want to take on the hunt named ‘The Last Spiracorn.’ Now, head to the designated area and start killing the Spiracorns until you get the Sturdy Helixhorn to drop. However, you can’t just kill them aimlessly like you normally would with other enemies. You have to lock on to the horns on their heads and strike them until the enemy falls dead in order to have a chance at obtaining the Helixhorn. The item is a pretty rare drop, so don’t worry if you don’t get it on your first try.

If you didn’t get the Sturdy Helixhorn, you can always retake the hunt from the tipster and try again. Or better yet, save your game right before entering the combat zone and reload that save file to try again if you didn’t get the drop.

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