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Final Fantasy XV: How to Beat Rubyshears (Peace on the Beach Hunt)


Final Fantasy XV: How to Beat Rubyshears (Peace on the Beach Hunt)

Rubyshears – Final Fantasy XV

Rubyshears are giant crab enemies that you’ll encounter during the Peace on the Beach hunt at Galdin Quay in Final Fantasy XV. These enemies can be a bit tough if you don’t use the right strategy against them, so here is what to bring with you to battle.

The first weakness Rubyshears have is to the lightning element. As you get this hunt on Galdin Quay, there’s a campground immediately accessible that you can draw lightning from. Use Elemancy to craft a powerful Thunder spell, and this should help you immensely during the battle. Of course, just be aware of your party’s location when you launch it off. This could affect all of you and cause some serious damage.

Rubyshears are also weak to two different weapons: shields and greatswords. You’ll definitely have a greatsword to take into battle, even if you don’t have a shield. The enemies do hit pretty heavily although they’re slow, so keep dodging and rolling. Equip both of these weapons, use magic and Link Strikes to your advantage, and you should take down these crazy ol’ crabs in no time.

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