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5 Things to Do After Beating Final Fantasy XV


5 Things to Do After Beating Final Fantasy XV

Defeat the Adamantoise

final fantasy xv, adamantoise

After completing Final Fantasy XV, several new in-game events will unlock. One of those events is a hunt that pits Noctis, Gladiolus, Ignis, and Prompto against a mountain. Well, not a mountain exactly, but a monstrous, mountain-shaped tortoise called the Adamantoise. It’s the game’s largest boss, and is meant to be the ultimate challenge for players who think they can hang with the best hunters in all of Eos.

The Adamantoise is a Lvl. 99 boss with 5 Million HP. It’s immune to Holy, and can take out a fighter with one hit. Thankfully it’s not the quickest thing in the game. This monster plus speed would make for an impossible challenge. Once it’s defeated, you’ll earn yourself 50,000 Gil, an Adamantite Bangle, a Trophy or Achievement, and some major bragging rights.

If you’re looking to take on the beast, we have a handy guide for you here. Good luck!

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